Indoor Humidity: A Matter of Comfort but also Health

Fogged up to windows, mould stains, tight skin, stinging eyes … Who hasn’t experienced problems with humidity or dry air in their home? The relative humidity inside your house has a direct impact on interior air quality, your level of comfort, and your health.

Several factors can influence the level of relative humidity in your home. Heating, air conditioning, appliance use, insulation quality, and ventilation system each have a role to play. The list may be long but it is still easy to regain control over moisture and dampness. There are natural ways to maintain or restore a balanced humidity level in your home.

That’s why experts from the Master Group decided to create this infographic: so you can learn to measure and control indoor air humidity. Their tips will help you easily improve the comfort level of your home, all while saving energy. By maintaining the recommended level of relative humidity inside your home, you will better control and even lower heating costs.

To learn how, take a look at this infographic and feel free to share it with your friends and family!

indoor humidity